What is $AMPLED worth?

Is it a cryptocurrency?

$AMPLED is not really a cryptocurrency, but does use the same underlying blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, which allows for transparent and secure storage and exchange of information.

Why is this on the blockchain?

Looking past cryptography, the blockchain is simply a transparent and open ledger that keeps a record of agreements made between individuals.
By implementing $AMPLED using the Ethereum blockchain, we are able to take our time bank and turn our spreadsheet that logged hours into something that is not only transparent, but also spendable, portable, and tradable -- in unique ways that we couldn't accomplish otherwise.
Ampled has always been experimental. This is something that

Environmental considerations?

It's a complex topic with conflicting data, but concerns about environmental impact are valid and well received. Not weighing the social costs/ benefits of any action we take would be irresponsible.
To understand environmental impact of Ethereum today, there are a few resources *****insert resources *
Right now, there is a clear line of sight towards the Ethereum 2.0 merge which will reduce environmental impact by nearly 1/1,000th -- making it one of the cleanest and most energy efficient blockchain technologies. The fact is, we would not begin engaging in this exploration if this clear line of sight towards Ethereum 2.0 didn't exist. Currently, the estimated release date is ______

Is this like Bitcoin?

No. $AMPLED was created using the Ethereum network and doesn't really have anything to do with Bitcoin -- except that they are both validated by blockchain technology.

Is $AMPLED a security?

Is it for sale? Can someone buy it?

The idea is that tokens issued through Ampled could only be earned, not purchased. Some day a possibility exists where one could potentially trade them on an open decentralized exchange for another token like ETH.

But can you pay rent with it?

Possibly. If a liquidity pool is created on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap, Ampled tokens may be able to be traded for other tokens like ETH.