Mission & Charter

This work is licensed under a Peer Production License, which permits reuse exclusively for non-commercial and worker-owned enterprises.


Ampled’s mission is to make music more equitable for artists and to operate transparently & ethically.


1. Ampled will be a steward and advocate of artist interests.

We will make decisions and articulate goals based on their positive impact on artists and our community at large.

2. Ampled will democratize ownership.

We will be an inclusive, and equitable organization owned exclusively by our artists, workers, and community.

3. Ampled will default to transparency.

We will be an open organization and honestly share our vision, decisions, challenges, and failures.

4. Ampled will be accountable to its members.

We will incorporate artist participation and control at the highest levels of corporate governance and decision making.

5. Ampled will be a sustainable vehicle for artist prosperity.

We will seek to deliver long-term value to artists, not an exit or acquisition.

6. Ampled will operate in accordance with its values.

We will use fair and transparent terms of use and privacy policies and will never sell data to any 3rd party.