Artist Page Approval Process

This work is licensed under a Peer Production License, which permits reuse exclusively for non-commercial and worker-owned enterprises.

Approval Criteria

Musician-Focused: Artist page must be for people (or projects) who record and perform music.
Community Guidelines: Artists, and the content posted on their pages, must meet our Community Guidelines.
Confirmed Identity: Artists must be who they say they are and be able to reasonably confirm their identity.
Page Completion: Artist has completed their page by adding images, social channels, a written message, and has setting up a payout destination.
Intent: Artist page must demonstrate a reasonable effort to use Ampled page in a way that is consistent with the intended utility of the platform of direct community support for artists.
Location: Artist must be located in an approved country.

Approval Process

Artist pages are approved typically reviewed for approval weekly.


If an artists is not approved and wishes to appeal, we'll give an opportunity to re-review the application.