Artist Handbook
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Promoting your page

Best practices

Use your voice. When making the case, or asking your community for support. It helps to be excited, and let your personality shine through.
Give updates. When you post something on Ampled, tell people. Then, give a call to action and let people know they can support you directly on your Ampled page.
Remind people about the benefits of direct support and cooperation. It's good to weave in reminders that direct support and collective ownership are ways to help sustainably support artists and present a constructive solution to an extractive platform economy.

How to talk about Ampled

We know that talking about Ampled and succinctly articulating its benefits can be challenging sometimes. Here are some easy ways to talk about Ampled (what it is and why it's important).
1. Explain your frustration with streaming/ platforms.
"Music has been continually devalued by our streaming and platform economy, and I'm looking to try something new."
"Streaming services continue to exploit artists, and it's still uncertain when live performances will be able to continue"
2. Why you are choosing direct, community support.
"I'm choosing to pursue a model of direct, ongoing community support because it feels like a constructive way to value music outside of streaming."
"I hope to create a more intimate space for interaction outside of social media and for posting things that I am working on that you won't find elsewhere."
3. Tell people that you're joining Ampled and give some context on what it is.
"Today I'm announcing that I am joining Ampled."
"Ampled is like a co-op Patreon for music, collectively owned by its artists and workers"
"Ampled allows for direct support of musicians on a platform owned by its community, not investors."
"it’s also a co-operative where artists are co-owners and have a say in how the company functions."
"In this time, it's important for artists to show solidarity with eachother, which is why I am joining an artist-owned platform."
4. Tell your community what you'll be posting.
I'll be posting content that includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • early access to merch drops
  • unreleased tracks (new & old)
  • demos and works in progress
  • long abandoned side projects
  • new and upcoming side projects
  • gear demos
  • general insight and Q&A sessions
5. And remind why it's important to support
"By signing up, you will help suppoort the sustainable ongoing creation of my work"
"Join me in this space to help build something together."
6. End messages with a clear call to action.
"Sign up to become a supporter. Link in bio."
"Support today."
"Go to my Ampled page to learn/ listen more."

Using promotional images

By adding "/promote" to the end of your artist page URL, you can access images made to post on Instagram, formatted for both grid posts and stories.

How to ask for support

Asking for support from your community can be hard. When in doubt, start from a place of honesty — share what you hope to accomplish with the funds you raise on Ampled and what you plan to share with your supporters. Your audience is here to support you and the work you make; invite them to be part of it.
Here’s some advice from Lizzie No: “I’ve found that the more I let people know, ‘I need this money to pay my rent, to continue to do what I’m doing,’ or like, ‘I need this money to pay the engineer who’s recording the album,’ people get it… I have always found that people are more than happy to support you because people love music, and they might not know all of the different steps that go into making it happen. I think it feels good as a consumer to feel like you’re a part of the process.”