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Launching your page

Announce on social media

Post on Instagram. Here is an example caption for an image.
Today I’m launching on @ampl3d, a cooperative platform where you can directly support musicians. It’s like Patreon, but it’s artist- and worker-owned, which means we have a say in how it grows. [Add a personal note about why you’re launching and/or what you plan to share.]
Link in the bio to learn more and support!
Sample posts from other artists for inspiration:
Tweet about Ampled. Here is an example tweet.
Today, I launched on @ampl3d a cooperative platform where artists can receive direct, monthly support. [Add a personal note, like: Together, we can shape a new way forward for the music industry.] Check out my page here: LINK
Contact the press. If you have relationships with the press, reach out to them to let them know a bit about Ampled, what you’ll share there, and when you’re launching.
Reach out to us. Give the Ampled team a heads up when you’re launching your page so we can also promote on our Instagram and newsletter. You can reach out to us at [email protected].
Send an email. Once you’re live, it’s time to put your plan into action. If you have a personal newsletter, this is a great place to start. Use it to tell your audience about what you’re doing on Ampled and why with a link to your artist page.
Here's an example email announcement from Rose Hotel:
hello friends,
i’m currently sitting at a cozy kitchen table inside a quaint hostel in charleston, typing up this letter to you. it’s 12:29am.
i've spent the last two days rehearsing with the band Susto, getting ready for our upcoming Rogue Acoustic tour (dates at the bottom of the email!). things have been busy… and it’s a wild feeling. after a year of canceled shows and none on the horizon, life has taken a hard left turn and i find myself booked for basically the rest of the year playing music. truly a blessing after such an unsure and tumultuous time.
i’m reaching out to you, the kind folx who have signed on to follow me along this winding musical road, to share some news! today, i'm officially launching my artist page on the Ampled platform. Ampled is a new cooperative platform where musicians share exclusive content in exchange for monthly support from their community — sort of like Patreon for musicians, but where artists actually co-own the platform.
navigating the waters of being an independent musician amidst late-stage capitalism and the evermore-encroaching “streaming economy” is...challenging. it's tough for artists to make an income based on streams alone. this reality compels indie artists to be quite industrious when it comes to generating an income that allows us to continue creating.
for the past decade, i've been juggling between 2-3 part time jobs per year to keep afloat while i've pursued a music career. now that i'm doing the "hired gun" thang, it will be much more difficult to find the time to work the restaurant or receptionist gig on my breaks from tours. that's where Ampled comes in! i'm hoping that by growing a community of supporters through Ampled, i'll find myself in the position to make MORE music, and work LESS day jobs. *crosses fingers*
listen y' Ampled page is gonna be real cool. it’s only $3 a month to support (or more, if you’re able), and in return you're going to have access to a bunch of things that will be exclusive to the platform. i'll be posting unreleased demos, photo series, tour diaries, and maybe even a chef J video or two ;). check out the video below to hear more about it - filmed directly from my dining room plant corner.
ALSO -- if you sign on to support anytime during the month of June, there are a few extra perks coming your way. in addition to having access to all the content already posted on Ampled, i’ll be sending out a special thank you package via snail mail. you’ll receive assorted goodies including but not limited to: a rose hotel t shirt AND a specialty edition ~*burned CD*~ of my EP "conversations". i’ll also include a download code to my entire bandcamp discography to sweeten the deal. a small gesture of gratitude for joining early and helping me get this off the ground!
thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you’ll consider becoming a supporter <3 and make sure to visit the Ampled site and click around to see what they’re all about. what Ampled is building has the potential to be radically transformative for independent musicians and it’s been inspiring to join in the effort thus far.
hope to see you on the road!
Keep in mind that promotion can evolve over time. While you may begin promoting your page alongside info about Ampled as a platform and co-ops as a concept, you may want to evolve and personalize your approach based on what you’re sharing on your page.