Artist Handbook
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Creating a page

How to create your artist page

Your artist page is your homebase on Ampled, where supporters can get to know you, keep in touch, and interact with your shared content.

Written message

Introduce yourself to your supporters with a short note. It can be a personal “hello,” a statement about the music you make and what you hope to share, a short poem — whatever feels right. You can edit this note whenever you want, as many times as you want.
Tip: Spend some time thinking about who might support you and why, from existing fans to people who don’t know your work but love the genre you work in. Use this thinking to frame your artist statement to reach that particular audience, and clearly state what you’ll offer via Ampled. In the words of artist Lizzie No, “It can be awkward to ask for money, but your fans will likely be happy to chip in a few dollars a month if they feel they’re getting upgraded access to you.”

Video message

Use this optional feature to expand on your written message. It can be an introduction to your work, a thoughtful call to action, or a music video of one of your songs.
When creating your page, choose colorful, hi-res images that work in a 1:1 square format.
Tip: Images of you and/or your bandmates are likely to attract more supporters than simple images of your band name or logo. (See Ziemba’s artist page for inspiration.)

Payout method

Make sure to set up your payout method before you launch so that you can receive money from Ampled. Click Set up payments via your Dashboard and go through the steps to set up and verify your account. If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected].