Artist Handbook
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Communication and expectations

How to communicate with your supporters

Sharing posts directly with your supporters might not seem entirely new — musicians do it every day via social media. On Ampled, however, you’re communicating with people who have invested in you and your work, who actively believe in what you’re doing.
Our advice: Draft your posts as if you’re sending an email to a good friend. Be funny, be serious, be yourself. Over time you’ll land on the communication style that works for you and your audience. Invite your supporters to reply to your posts in the comments to keep the conversation going and help you decide what to post next.
Consistent communication helps build trust between you and your supporters, so we recommend posting at least once a month to stay in touch.

What to expect

Think of Ampled as a long-term investment in your own work. Each musician on Ampled will take a different path. Stick with it, be persistent, and stay open to experimenting with your approach to evolve and grow with your audience.
You’re building something special, don’t give up. :)