Artist Handbook
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Before you launch

Once you’ve filled your written and/or video message as well as added featured images, your page is technically ready to launch. Before you do that, we suggest doing some pre-launch promotional work:

Prepare a launch plan.

Draft up a schedule for promotion for day one, week one, month one, and so on. Draft newsletter copy and social media posts for when you launch so that you’re ready to go. We suggest providing a bit of background about Ampled when you first start sharing your page — the language on our About Us page and this blog post can help you out.

~ 1 month out:

Talk to your audience about joining Ampled. After you have made your page, it's a good idea to tell your community that you are joining or considering joinging and ask your audience what they would like to see from you.
Set aside some content to use. Tip: what surplus or recycled material do you have to post? What unused or unreleased material do you already have? Demos? Unreleased tracks? Artwork? Old photos?
Consider timing a special offer. This could be a unique perk to offer new supporters like a postcard, personal thank you, or inexpensive merch like a pin, stickers, or anything else you can think of!
In addition, if you already have an upcoming release scheduled, you could time launching an artist page to coincide with the launch. This could be an opportunity to post

~ 1-2 weeks before:

Build some momentum and tease your upcoming page launch.
**example instagram posts
Create some posts. This can be as many or as few as you'd like, but it's best if you have at least a handful of posts, with a mix of them being both public & supporter-only posts.
Soft launch: Tell your closest friends, followers, and family about your Ampled page. It's good to have some of your most friendly people to support you before making an official announcement. Give them a heads up about your launch plan and ask them to help you promote your page. Tip: Make it easy by giving them an image and a line or two that they can use when posting/talking about your page. Make sure to
  • Include why you’re launching on Ampled and what it means to you
  • Give an idea of what you plan to share on your Ampled page—i.e. what supporters can plan to see
  • Be yourself!
Here's an example email you can send as a soft launch:
Subj: A new way to support my music
Hey [friend],
These days, without live shows or tours, supporting myself as a musician looks a lot different than it used to. *[you can include any personal reasons or insights you have here]
That’s why today I’m soft launching an artist page on Ampled, a new cooperative platform where musicians share exclusive content in exchange for monthly support from their community. (I like to describe it as Patreon for musicians, but where artists actually co-own the platform!)
Ahead of my official launch next week, I’m hoping to build momentum with trusted friends and family.
On my page, I’ll share monthly posts including exclusive new songs, old demos, video performances, blog posts, and more. I’m excited to build a more personal connection with the people who support my music, and to be able to share the messier parts of my process.
I'm reaching out to you because you’ve come to a show, bought a record, or shown support for my music in the past—and I know how committed you are to supporting artists.
Head to my page here, click around, and support if you’re able! I’m so excited to share my music with you. (And if you have any feedback, please let me know!)
Thanks for reading,

One day before

Test page and links to make sure they are working properly
Post links to your Ampled page. Here are some additional places we recommend sharing your Ampled links:
  • Personal website
  • Instagram/Twitter bios
  • Bandcamp artist page
  • Spotify artist page
  • Email signature

Launch day

Announce on channels. In the next section, we go over best practices for launching.

2-3 days after

Post reminder posts on social media. Some people may intend to support your page, but may not see the first announcement, or may need a couple or reminders.

One week after launch

Send a thank you note to your Ampled supporters. You can do this via email or with an Ampled post that supporters will get.